Waste and chance

In our current project we will deal with the wastes coming from our industrialized society. In the course of an increasing resource depletion they undergo a metamorphosis – from waste to valuable materials. We make this process a topic by joining them into complex pictorial realms and transforming them into unique pieces of art, using means of documentary photography. From industrial mass products which have become a global and immediate problem as for their disposal, complex new images are emerging.

Materials are used everywhere, and thus any creative process – like the shaping of images – includes the use of resources and produces new synthetic materials. Our society meets this dilemma, inter alia, by means of recycling waste, turning it into valuable resources. Nevertheless, the whole world sees immense masses and maelstroms of waste. Materials which cannot be digested by organic life-forms and thus significantly disturb the ecological balance. These samples and maelstroms interest us in the moment before they undergo their transformation from waste to recycled materials.

Our artistic approach consists in a medial transformation of existing structures of waste. Artificial mountains, lumps, samples, covers, polymers. Aesthetically we regard waste as highly valuable components of images. As for the contents, we focus the masses of arising reusable materials to be processed in a limited period of time, as well as the highly diversified procedures of recycling this is connected with.

The data of our pictures – in a series of twelve parts – consist in innumerable different, high resolution and edited photographs with the same perspective and lighting.

The working titles such as “pictures of a minute or an hour” reflect the fictional amount of objects used and recycled during the time period in question. Time is our logical limitation to the image. At the same time, the reference to time creates a relation to the dimensions of our volume of reusable materials.

Waste and recycled materials could wrap up the world several times. We are at a point where it is crucial for our future to reverse the race between the growth of waste amounts and its reduction and recycling in favor of the latter. A point we want to address and attend in our work by means of pictures, installations, and projections.